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From: Tom Andrys (
Date: Tue Jan 08 2002 - 17:50:40 MST

Off topic: Actually the incorrect quote associations are probably more a fault
of my ineptness at this sort of thing, rather than poor listbot
programming. . .I am still not quite sure if I am doing this right, so if
somone could possibly email me the method *they* use to post and reply, it
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On Mon Jan 07, 2002, Robert J. Bradbury wrote:

>If we assume everyone has uploaded, then what might happen
>is you get allocated time slices in the computronium matrix in
>relation to your "perceived" contribution. No contribution and
>your "mind" only gets to run once in a blue moon.

Although I like this idea, I have a feeling that in practice it might be a bit
more complex. Firstly, what exactly would these "time slices" consist of?
Downloading of a person into a cyborgian-type creature to roam around the
physical plane? Or would your time "alive" be spent roaming around information
nets? Either way requires resources, (obviously for the cyborg, and
power/computational cycles for the info net) and both are susceptable to ill-
tempered people when time is up. I think that, in order for somone to go
willingly back in to suspended animation(which is what Im assuming is what
happens between time slots) this would require extremly strong logic,
willpower, and willing self-sacrifice in order for a person to not cause any
problems when thier time was up. If force was used to bring people back into
suspended animation, Im sure it could be argued this is a form of murder (since
the stubborn people most likely wouldent be let back into the world very soon)

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