Re: my own 9/11 conspiracy theory

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Date: Tue Jan 08 2002 - 12:23:21 MST

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Dossy wrote:
> On 2002.01.08, John Clark <> wrote:
> > >yet nobody's been able to really give reasons why
> >
> > Because you provide no scenario as to how the government managed to do
> > such a thing and still be consistent with what is known about the
> > hijackers;
> The hijacker's could very well be bankrolled by the CIA.

As likely as them being bankrolled by the UN. Did you ever think of
that? Maybe (putting my Dossy Fanclub Paranoid Propeller Cap on) the UN
staged this whole series of events to help motivate the world to
stripping the US and other nations of sovereignty and power, putting
more authority, and trust in greater power for the UN over member
nations. This is about as likely (maybe even more likely, and it fits
the facts better) as your scenario.

For example:
The UN and many left wing controlled european nations have been peeved
at the US recently pulling out of treaties and international conferences
which would have economically strangulated the US, and stripped its
citizens of their sovereign rights (like the 2nd amendment, among


The UN has consistently supported Palestinian independence and
sovereignty, and consistently voted for measures seeking to sanction and
punish Israel and its citizens for defending their own right to exist.


The office of the UN General Secretary has been under the control of the
muslim nations of Africa for the past decade.


Major muslim media has been obsessed not with the criminal actions of
its own people, but in denying their culpability with claims of
Israeli/American conspiracies, no matter how much the actual
perpetrators admit their culpability on video.

It is rather obvious, using the same sort of logic that Dossy uses, that
the attack of 9-11 was orchestrated by a ruling faction of muslim
nations in the UN in an attempt to deflect the rise of renewed American
self assertion on the world stage.

Of course, there is absolutely no factual evidence supporting such a
linkage, not to the level required in a courtroom, but there is far more
evidence supporting this scenario than that claimed by Dossy.

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