Re: my own 9/11 conspiracy theory

From: John Clark (
Date: Tue Jan 08 2002 - 10:00:44 MST

Dossy <> Wrote:

>many called what I presented "ludicrous" or "sick" or "wildly irrational"

Yes, but not as many as there should have been, those of you who
passed over Dossy's post in silence should be ashamed of yourself.

>yet nobody's been able to really give reasons why

Because you provide no scenario as to how the government managed to
do such a thing and still be consistent with what is known about the hijackers;
even more important because you give no coherent reason why the
government would want to do such a thing; and most important of all because
nobody knows why you want to do such a thing as join this list.

            John K Clark

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