RE: Rambling Rant was Re: Its Over

From: Reason (
Date: Tue Jan 08 2002 - 00:10:08 MST

> It seems that most people on this list believe that Singulartity
> will arrive
> in time to save them. That medical advances will assuredlly keep
> them in fine
> fettle, so that when the technology is there, they will merely
> upload, ala Permutation City & Diaspora.
> What if this doesn't occur in time? What if both the hardware and the
> software to accomplish this sea-change in life on old planet
> earth, doth take its own sweet time?
> Will most of the Extropians hedge their bets and have themselves Alcor-ed?

More or less my own feelings on timing; be great if it happens, but it's not
something you can gamble on. But asking people to believe it might not
happen in time is asking people to work and think about death. Very
unpopular, those topics.

More activism needed. More funding needed. More people buying into the
various useful memes needed.

The Singularity tomorrow thing is so much like a religion in far too many
ways. Quite likely suicide too, if enough people adhere to it. In a way it's
going to be real annoying to have them tell you "I told you so" after
(insert number here) years of hard work by the rest of us have brought the
Singularity about while the lazy ones lazed around just *believing*.


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