Re: this quiz'll crottle your greeps(whatever that means!)

From: Chris Hibbert (
Date: Sun Jan 06 2002 - 00:24:51 MST

I wrote down 10 answers before reading other people's responses. The
four I would have said I was most sure of have been confirmed by others.
 (Marie Curie, Pavlov, Yellow Rose, and Myrrh). The quiz said answers
would be provided "in the new year", but I couldn't find them on the
Guardian's web site yet. Anyone know whether they've been published yet?

I have

8-2 Parliament (it's a guess)
8-6 Gingham
9-4 Her wedding ring.
11-10 Post Exchange (It's what Army folk call the general store on a
base. Personally, I grew up with NEX.)
15-4 The Mill on the Floss (It's a wild Guess. At least I felt like I
understood the question.)
15-7 Florence (Let's call it an educated guess)

Does anyone think I'm close on any of these?


Chris Hibbert

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