Re: my own 9/11 conspiracy theory

Date: Mon Jan 07 2002 - 10:13:37 MST

Dossy Shiobara opined:

<<Read the first 3 paragraphs. Then, tell me how not feasible
my scenario really is.>>

While the article itself spoke with peacenik and neopeacenik(s) Sorenson, and
McNamara, who themselves commented on the claims in Bamford's book:

<<"I've never heard of Operation Northwoods. Never heard of it and don't
believe it," said Theodore Sorenson, Kennedy's White House special counsel.
"Obviously, it would be totally illegal as well as totally unwise."

Robert S. McNamara, Kennedy's defense secretary, said: "I never heard of it.
I can't believe the chiefs were talking about or engaged in what I would call
CIA-type operations."

Bamford writes that besides the Joint Chiefs, then-Assistant Secretary of
Defense Paul H. Nitze also favored "provoking a phony war with Cuba."

"There may be a piece of paper" on Northwoods, said McNamara. "I just cannot
conceive of [Nitze] approving anything like that or doing it without talking
to me.">>

Spudboy the abyss-gazer concludes:

Your hypothesis is unlikely in the case of 9-11 based on this book. The
crazziness of the middle east, combined with the trouble-making instigated by
the Saudi ruling class is more likely as a cause of the Afghan War.

Quoting Tevye from Fiddler of the Roof: "If your rich, they think you really
The Saudis (wahabbis) are rich but they are generally merchants with the good
grace to have oil under their sandy homeland. Sales people can be clever
and/or very stupid. The Wahabbis have made big trouble for us with their
funding of propaganda centers for Islamic terror, namely religious schools,
universities, mosques, etc. They have probably screwed with the wrong people,
in this case. Or maybe America is content enough not to pursue the terrorists
to their center, and I don't mean Iraq. Or is that a conspiracy too? :-)


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