Re: my own 9/11 conspiracy theory (was Re: extropians-digest V7 #4)

From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Mon Jan 07 2002 - 00:36:36 MST

Dossy wrote:

> On 2002.01.06, Tom Andrys <> wrote:
>>If we take the Bin Laden case, its obvious we have a clear enemy whose
>>fault it is, thus designating the distinction.
> And even this, we can't be too sure about.
> Is it not feasible that the US Government, in an attempt to
> bring their influence into the Middle East in order to side
> with Israel against Palestine, decided to approach a known
> terrorist organization and say "we will assist in your
> destroying the Twin Towers in exchange for a public military
> assaunt on your known headquarters" ... thus creating enough
> deflection from what we're really setting out to do: strongarm
> the Palestinians out of the territory Israel wants to claim.

If you are going to play with such extreme conspiracy notions
then I think the purpose could be very different than the above
quite limited objective. The above is not sufficient for such a
  horrendous act with such nasty repurcussions. What just might
be in the minds of some bureaucrats and military people is
creating an open season on groups they have any problem with
whatsoever and, more importantly, being able to partially
control and de-fang some of the engines of major technological
change that threaten their own empires. See, I think sometimes
in my paranoia that some very powerful people took it seriously
when some of us talked about cyber-anarchy, the end of
government as a major power center and many other threatening
notions up to and including Singularity.

Whether you buy conspriracy notions or not it is obvious that
the government has gained unprecedented control to push through
various forms of legislation including that calling many things
"terrorism" that have to do with, say, people doing things with
computers that they don't like. Many lines of research and many
data banks can be closed down and restricted because they might
be used by "terrorists". Any group can be accused of aiding
terrorists and be shut down and have its assets seized with
little or no legal red-tape. All of us can be spied upon and
black-bagged to the givernment's content with little or no

I think the target, in any case, is US.

- samantha

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