Rant! was Re: Its Over

From: Spudboy100@aol.com
Date: Sun Jan 06 2002 - 12:34:05 MST

<<The concept that human life is the only form of intelligence or that or
concept of "sentient life" is the only self aware form of matter/energy is
self limiting. So the question is what are the possible mechanisms which
would reverse the unlimited repulsion into something cyclic in whole or part.
  What are the fundamental mechanisms to conserve information. Can the sum
total of the universe be programmed to conserve information? MJ >>

Yes, well-stated, however, I am not sure the physics community would agree
with your question's premises. Rather then economics being the dismal
science, it may end up being physics, not merely, because of what they
discover, but how they process, analyze, and go forward.

Most seem content to let the dead die forever, the universe crumble, and life
become extinct, and woe to anyone who defies their mindset, and "by the way,
can you fund my accelerator?" No wonder these geezers have trouble getting
funding and no wonder the brightest minds have headed for computer sciences,
and biology for answering the "deep" questions.

Bruce Sterling, in a Wired Magazine article, last year observed something
similar, and (paraphrasing) physics is dead and the only physics worth doing
is computational physics. That's farther then I am willing to go, but hey,
this is a grumpy, rant.

I think your questions deserve answers, I am not sure anyone is mentally
geared, to even begin assess them. Good luck to both of us. Sigh!

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