Re: Quoting Nietzsche is a perilous business

Date: Sun Jan 06 2002 - 05:04:04 MST

Your deep abyss and my deep abyss must be two different abysses.What I wind
up with is not 'no one is going yo save you, but yourself', but rather; no
one is going to save you, at all! A different perspective, a different koan.

Dr. Graps observed:
<<My context for the abyss is close to the Zen practices and their use
of the deep abyss. The deep abyss is that psychological place where
there's no support, no nothing, a complete free-fall, and you realize
that no one is going to save you but yourself. It can be a terrifying
realization, and it might require sitting there for a while and not
run away from yourself, in other words: 'having a tea with yourself'
(my context of staring into the abyss). However, once one realizes
that they are all they have, then the abyss is a very rich place to
plant seeds of yourself to grow. Then what comes of that abyss is
someone/something genuine and an integrated whole.>>

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