FWD (forteana) Murderous and Unethical science experiments [new subj]

From: Terry W. Colvin (fortean1@mindspring.com)
Date: Sat Jan 05 2002 - 23:11:33 MST

    The letter below was published on the old Insane Science
Mailing List 15 months ago. Disappointingly, it drew very little
comment there. I really hope to see more here.
     And once again, anyone who judges this posting to be
"anti-science" (or anti-government, for that matter) is SEVERELY
misreading it. That would be like accusing me of being anti-home
remodeling because I strongly disliked home remodeler John Gacy.

George Wagner

--- In fsml@y..., "George Wagner" wrote:
     Over the past few decades we've seen revealed numerous scandals
linking medical personel and other scientists with murder. I am not
talking about people like Donald Harvey [so help me, he and I had
mutual friends] and Dr. Michael Joseph Swango. I am speaking, rather,
of murders carried out with government approval.
     Patients were "treated" for syphillis, but only given placebos,
to see if they'd develop paresis and/or die from their infections
(they did); injected with plutonium to see whether they'd develop
carcinomas and die (they did); fed various concoctions to see whether
sane people could thereby be driven psychotic (they could); given
LSD to see if they'd commit bizarre acts (they did); and - we now
learn - injected with a particularly virulent form of measles just so
death rates could be statistically established.
     In all of these cases, "treatment" was carried out without the
patients' knowledge or consent. In addition, the scientific
knowledge gained was practically nil - I could have answered most of
these questions from my seventh grade science text. Indeed, all of
these projects seem to have been merely a slightly more sophisticated
version of throwing people off the tops of tall buildings to see
whether the laws of gravity still hold true.
     The government has apologized for all these things, of course,
except for the attempted genocide of the Yanomami Indians, and that
will follow as certainly as Tuesday follows Monday. Money will be
paid off (the government will find a more flowery word than "pay
off," of course), and Congress will insist that a few poeple, here
and there, get letters of reprimand shoved deep into their employment
file jackets. The Yanomami Indians will receive a handful of
playgrounds, a school or two, and even a hospital (I strongly suggest
that they not use the last).
     But, once again, murder carried out in the name of science will
be treated as a CIVIL matter. It is NEVER a CRIMINAL one. Injecting
patients with plutonium may or not be frowned upon, but it is NOT a
CRIME. You DON'T go to prison or to the electric chair for it.
     Until murder or physical or psychological mutilation as
government-approved experimentation is made as much a crime as
shooting clerks in liquor stores, and treated as seriously, the
genocide will continue.
     (I don't have either the time or the space to list all the
reasons why I consider this posting to be neither anti-science nor
     Comments, anyone?

     George Wagner

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