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From: Dr. D. B. Karron (
Date: Sat Jan 05 2002 - 15:39:07 MST

Dear Shaun et al;

I am interested in a real life face to face en vivo extropy
extension group.

I registered on the web page, but I did not pay for a
I trust that that is ok. I will pay if I get involved for

I can offer facilities of my university (City College of NY
or the CUNY Grad Center) if a meeting venue is required. One
is way up town on 138 th street, the other is midtown (34th

If there is interest, write me and I will do my best to help
with real life facilities.


Dr. K (lurking because everytime I post something anywhere,
my spam multiplies,
and I used to be an internet loudmouth in the old days).

"E. Shaun Russell" wrote:
> Hi all,
> As I have mentioned before, we are currently in the
> process of organizing more extropian local groups. To
> simplify this, we recently changed the membership form to
> allow all members (Free or otherwise) to indicate their
> interest or non-interest in involvement with a potential
> local group. Obviously there will be some areas where
> there are few other extropians, but if you currently have
> an interest in having any involvement whatsoever with a
> local group in your area, I urge you to go to
> and indicate this on the
> membership form. Please do so even if you have expressed
> your interest to me before. The one caveat is that by
> selecting ?Yes,? you are agreeing to let your email
> address (but no other information) to be passed to others
> in your vicinity. If you have any questions about local
> group formation, feel free to contact me directly.
> Please note that you do not have to be an Extropy
> Institute member to join a local group (though that is
> encouraged); simply fill out your name, email address,
> location and select "Yes" on the appropriate drag-down
> bar.
> Thanks!
> E.
> Shaun Russell

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