WTC-911 insider joke?

From: Hubert Mania (
Date: Sat Jan 05 2002 - 12:45:38 MST

Last night I watched the 23rd repetition of "Die Hard part 3" on TV. Lots
of destruction in the streets of NYC caused by an insane Jeremy Irons and
Bruce Willis giving a permanently bruised t-shirt-hero. Exploding shopping
malls, dust and inbetween this sentence of some chief shouting at the fire
fighters: "Some of you guys probably know what to do now, because you
already had some experience at the WTC" (probably referring to the first
attack on WTC a couple of years ago. This movie was synchronized into German

One of the next scenes shows a NY police department, where a
bright red 911 is painted on the door, which puzzled me. And today a friend
of mine told me that 911 is the police emergency call in the US (or NYC
only?) I never heard of that synchronicity before, though I have read
trillions of words about 911 in the last months.

Now, do you think it might be possible that the terrorists attacked WTC
intentionally on "national emergency day 911" as a kind of sick insider
joke? Well, I know it`s pointless to expect an answer, but I just wanted to
say that not everybody outside the US knows that 911 is the number of a
police emergency call, and that is why it hit me as a surprise yesterday to
see hero Bruce stumbling through a 911 door.

Don`t get me wrong: I do not intend to start another conspiration theory
here. Just wondered why nobody ever mentioned that important meaning of 911.



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