Re: Walking your talk (was : Aid for Afghanistan)

Date: Sat Jan 05 2002 - 08:42:22 MST

Mr. Bradbury noted:

<<I don't see anyone here taking the "hawk" position over in Afghanistan
attempting to "prevent more thousands of deaths". I am reasonably
certain that arguing with Samantha day in and day out *isn't* going
to bring dead people back to life, nor is it going to significantly
make the U.S. a safer place to live.>>

With respect to Mr. Bradbury, I believe that surely if Samantha utilizes her
time to focus on the incorrectness of American policy in Afghanistan, then
John has a right to counter this. A temporary amelioration to this conundrum
might be a temporary moratorium on middle-eastern, Afghanistan, related

This is not what I want, but if "ruins" the direction of the list, perhaps it
might provide some relief? I don't think so, but then I realize that I am
'off the map' as far as Extropian principles go. I have long since adjusted
to living in the Land of Broken Toys, and have even purchased a condo there.

Given the current state of pre-Transhuman affairs, we are perhaps, not
intelluctually suited to dance at all weddings, and should focus on a more
technical agenda?

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