Re: [la-grg] FW: World's Oldest Man Dies at Age 112 in Sardinia

From: scerir (
Date: Sat Jan 05 2002 - 07:40:31 MST

> > People there drink a strong red wine called 'cannonau' (explosive) and,
> > during winter time, also something wich is called 'filu-e-ferru' (iron wire),
> > very alcoholic.
> > scerir

> Forget Champagne -- Filuferru for all the Extropes !
> Jacques

In Sardinia they use to say 'a kent'annos', as we say
'hi, there'. 'A kent'annos' means 'you (and me) will reach
100 years, so we'll meet again, for sure'.

In Sardinia 223 people are > 100 years. I.e. Giovanni Frau
is 112, nearly. Professor Deiana, who teaches biochemistry,
is performing a deep screening (for the Akea Project) on that
population. He says that food, water, air, a good mental disposition,
no stress at all, and long daily walks, are the main, non genetic,
relevant factors. Note that 223, over 1.6 million people who live there,
is a good figure. In the village of Orroli the figure is about 10 / 3000.

He also fuond that in Sardinia the population of women over 100 years
and the population of men over 100 are, approximately, the same
(just a minor dominance, for women). While in the rest of the
world the ratio is about 7 : 1 (women vs. men).

Is all that also due to the 'filu-ferru' and the 'cannonau'?
Since the best extropic (Italian) wine is the 'Brunello'
of Montalcino (Tuscany) we must check the number
of people > 100 years, also over there.


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