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Date: Sat Jan 05 2002 - 01:41:28 MST

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>> We in the West are geese. The golden eggs we lay are scientific theory, the foundations of all omelet technology. We have dense yet cunning foxes in our midst, foxes who contribute neither to research nor to theory in any appreciable degree, or translate it into technology, but who can learn to use the technology developed by others from the theory developed by still others. Their divine mission is to use that technology to kill the geese who developed it, and the theory upon which it is based. Do we remain silly geese and wait for Allah's Thanksgiving ax, or do we defend ourselves with the abilities which we possess and they do not, while we still can?
>This is the casting of the situation as much darker and more
>universally bleak that I objected to (perhaps erroneously) as
>being implied by Brian's wording. This is what I think is
>dangerous. I do not see good reason to believe that the goal is
>to destroy all science and technology and the cultures producing
>it. But I do see that if we believe this is what is happening
>we will react in lot more extreme manner on a much expanded
>scale. And that, imho, makes the situation much more dangerous
>and precarious and the Singularity much less likely to occur in
>our lifetimes.
What can you say to people who believe that the sun circles the earth?
Taslima Nasrin, currently under death fatwa
>- samantha

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