Re: [la-grg] FW: World's Oldest Man Dies at Age 112 in Sardinia

From: scerir (
Date: Fri Jan 04 2002 - 14:20:14 MST

> >World's Oldest Man Dies at Age 112

Tziu 'Ntoniu was in 'good' conditions as you can see.
And his sister is 98, his daughters 81 and 78, and his wife ... died
long time ago.

People say he used to drink a glass of good wine every each day (twice a day).
People there drink a strong red wine called 'cannonau' (explosive) and,
during winter time, also something wich is called 'filu-e-ferru' (iron wire), very alcoholic.

For a kind of weird synchronicity the very same day died the oldest woman
(at least the oldest italian, and perhaps european, woman), Maria Grazia Broccolo.
She was 110 years old and went to school, for the very first time, few years ago.


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