Re: Aid for Afghanistan

From: Brian D Williams (
Date: Thu Jan 03 2002 - 08:49:27 MST

From: Samantha Atkins <>

>>Brian D Williams wrote:
>> This is a ridiculous trivialization of the current war. You may
>> wish to avoid such trivializations in the future if you wish
>> your ideas to be taken seriously.
>> A group of extremist fundamentalist Muslims bent on changing
>> the entire world to conform to their ideas, by force if
>> necessary, first declared war on, and then attacked the United
>> States of America, leaving thousands dead.

>This is a bullshit description of what happened by those who
>would like to escalate an already intolerable situation.

You may wish to try backing your personnal opinions up with fact if
you wish your ideas to be taken seriously. Avoiding vulgarity and
ad hominem attacks are also a good idea.

>>We are currently engaged in ridding the world of this menace,
>>along with our allies.

>Of what? Ridding it of fundamentalist Muslims?

Terrorists, try paying attention.

>Why stop there? Why not fundamentalists of all faiths or at least
>all who believe countries should be run by religious memes instead
>of for secularism? Assuming we know what those terms mean and
>do not mean. Great! You will have stepped right into the hands
>of the predictors of apocalypse. Wonderful. Should get us to
>Singularity in nothing flat. You betcha.

This is not a war against Muslims, or even Muslim fundamentalists,
It is a war against terrorists.

>> This is an extinction event.

>It certainly could be if we don't drop our nonsense and
>concentrate on the ball - on trancension of this sorry state.

If we don't concentrate on terrorists, there won't be any ball, or
much of a future.


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