Re: Magic Lantern - The FBI's viral key-logger

From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Wed Jan 02 2002 - 23:03:27 MST

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> Subject: Magic Lantern - The FBI's viral key-logger
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> Magic Lantern - The FBI's viral key-logger

We should be tremendously up in arms against this. The FBI is
basically shredding the Constitution and acting as an outlaw
organization. They are able to break and enter any machine they
wish and steal encryption keys despite the fact we as a nation
decided that privately available encryption without government
escrow was more in our interest. Effectively, the FBI is
ignoring such niceties and doing whatever it wishes. Does
anyone here need to be reminded of the evils of major domestic
intelligence gathering or the record of the FBI abusing domestic
intelligence? Do people understand that the effective end of
privacy is assured if it is hopelessly eroded in cyberspace as
deeply (if not more so) as it already is in meat-space?

If you care about freedom and understand the threat then please
do everything possible to oppose and combat such travesties.

- samantha

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