Re: 2002

From: Patrick Wilken (
Date: Wed Jan 02 2002 - 16:42:10 MST

>At 01:32 AM 1/1/02 -0800, Max and others wrote:
>>2002 is going to be a fantastically good year
>I have a suspicion that this is because *we're finally in the future*.
>(2001 was as far into the future as it ever got for the groundlings, n'est
>pas? unless they were talking impossible gulfs of futurity: 3000 A.D. or
>One Million A.D. or The End of Time...)

Yes this is exactly what it feels like to me. I am thinking of
buying an incredibly ancient (but well maintained) 1965 Cadillac just
so I can drive around and explore 21st century California in it.



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