Re: Aid for Afghanistan

From: Mike Lorrey (
Date: Wed Jan 02 2002 - 15:57:13 MST

Brian D Williams wrote:
> From: Geraint Rees <>
> >The Taliban emerged around 1993, well after the Soviet withdrawal
> >- so you are literally correct.
> The Taliban are actually a student movement that started in the
> Maddrassas of Pakistan who later allied with Ossama "the weasel"
> bin laden. The U.S. did not directly support them, nor was it our
> intention to support such a group.

The Taliban, and al Qaeda, exist solely at the behest of the Saudi
government and Saudi oil executives, despite protestations to the
contrary. The purpose of continuous civil war in Afghanistan has been to
prevent the construction of an oil pipeline to the Indian Ocean from
Tajikistan. Such a pipeline from central asian oil fields would
negatively impact open market oil prices, something that is anathema to
the economic and political stability of the rest of the muslim world. We
funded the mujahedeen for the same purpose: to prevent the Soviet
government from propping up it's regieme with the proceeds of oil sales.
After the Soviets collapsed, we had no more reason to oppose such a
pipeline, in fact we have much to gain from it, but the Saudis, the
Iranians, and the rest of OPEC certainly had reason to oppose it.

The so-called disownment of bin Laden by his family, and stripping of
citizenship by the Saudi government is just a measure of 'plausible
deniability' as much as any used by the CIA in its own ops.

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