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Date: Wed Jan 02 2002 - 11:38:06 MST

this afternoon i used some greek-euros for some food transactions. why are
there euro-variants? what is the purpose of making them distinct to nations
(i.e., the greek equivalent lettering on the greek EVRO, the german euro).
isn't that going to desystematize the supposed universal currency (although
value will be unchanged, we will know the currency's origination nation)?
the bills are like USD, but they are coloured and resemble MONOPOLY money
(sans serif fonts, over-clean design). i found it comfortable to use a
currency so relatively close to the USD (the currency of my homeland). i
will not need to buy EUROdrachma calculators from east asia from the people
cycling them on the street in brown suitcases. this leads me to my

what is the real argument for the purpose and design of the european union?
is it some sort of "european consolidation procedure for a continent not as
expansive" or was it designed by some ARPA-oid organization in the united
states to induce artifical economic competition between the two 'primary'
continents seeking to benefit the USA by using Europe as some sort of


ps=i was looking at the people's faces at the ATMS as well. it made me
think that "we" should rerelease new currency at higher frequency. or at
least rerelease currency at the optimum to drive the price-V neuron.

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Subject: Re: first day of the euro
Date: Wed, 2 Jan 2002 18:47:06 +0100 (MET)

From: Eugene Leitl (, Tue Jan 01 2002
>Way too much holography and gloss. The 50 is printed in pink metallic.

I hope that you saved some 10DM bills. It might be some time before we
see again a famous mathematician on a common currency.

Someone should be videotaping people's expressions at the ATMs. Their
look of wonder and curiosity as they pick up their new money is


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