Re: Aid for Afghanistan

From: Brian D Williams (
Date: Wed Jan 02 2002 - 09:49:51 MST

>From: Kai Becker <>

>Sounds a bit like children in the sandbox. "You've smashed my sand
>cake." "No, you've stolen my toy first." "No, you didn't gave me
>from your coke." Very promising, indeed. And a so very helpful
>example for others. You may have noticed that I suggested to break
>this circle. I wonder who will grow up first.

This is a ridiculous trivialization of the current war. You may
wish to avoid such trivializations in the future if you wish your
ideas to be taken seriously.

A group of extremeist fundamentalist Muslims bent on changing the
entire world to conform to their ideas, by force if necessary,
first declared war on, and then attacked the United States of
America, leaving thousands dead.

We are currently engaged in ridding the world of this menace, along
with our allies.

This is an extinction event.


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