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From: Michael M. Butler (
Date: Tue Jan 01 2002 - 19:37:26 MST

Perhaps compound the two? Etio-etymology? As a tongue twister, it's no worse that eco-ethology.
Not sure I got the root split correct, but some scholar can fix that.

Andy Toth wrote:
> i still want a hybrid of the two words/concepts. etiology is the "study of
> origination" (generic, greek mode). that's what i meant in the sentence.
> both words give a sense of "tracking". but i wanted to focus on 'words' at
> around 70%-65%. however, i did not want to confine myself to the rules of
> linguistic study. or associate with existing institutions. it's a very
> difficult time for me.
> >what is the etiology relating these two concepts?
> >
> > i want to use a better word than etiology in the above sentence. i want
> to
> > mean: the dynamic relationship between concept and the word-unit over
> time.
> Etiology refers to the causes of a disease.
> Etymology refers to the history of the development of word forms.
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