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From: John Grigg (
Date: Tue Jan 01 2002 - 16:08:30 MST

From: "Greg Burch" <>
>I'm pleased to report that China is
>exemplifying -- in most respects -- an explosion of >extropian values

J.R. Molloy wrote:
Yes, and they're really interested in nanotech.
Here's a news item about it:


My question to Greg and the list is..., will this explosion of extropian values eventually include a move toward democracy, or at least less authoritarian governing? It seems like the present regime there is hellbent on maintaining power.

And it could be forty years or more till a person of this new and vibrant generation takes the national reins of power. Even a forty year-old in the gov't could be fully immersed in the present Chinese memes of authortarian leadership styles.

And we really better hope so(and somehow help to make it so), since between their increasing scientific power, economic power, population power, and military power, China could become a REALLY big worry to the U.S. and Europe if they decide to fully take the role of "the Soviet Union of the 21st century."

I do not look forward to a nanotech cold war with China during this century. It could make the paranoia and fear of fifties and sixties America look tame by comparison.

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