Re: first day of the euro

From: Hubert Mania (
Date: Tue Jan 01 2002 - 12:03:16 MST

Eugene wrote:

> Way too much holography and gloss. The 50 is printed in pink metallic.
> Thankfully, no RFIDs yet, nor apparent Illuminati cabal. Money still very
> much atoms, not bits.

No Illuminati cabal?

Look at the 10 Euro Note, do you see the small circles within the halfcircle
arch? There are 26 of them. Don`t you remember, when Illuminati-founder Adam
Weishaupt had reached the 26th degree of Freemasonship he had himself built
this very archway in front of the Illuminati headquarters in Ingolstadt. And
what was a 26th degree freemason supposed to do? Well of course: collecting
the money from the newbies and distributing the wealth among the 26th degree
celebrities. Good old Bavarian tradition.

Arches and bridges and pillars all over the place when you look at the
notes. Are you able to count the arches on the upper row of the aquaduct of
the 5 Euro note? Just try it and relate the number to the Illuminati cabal:
freely exposed symbols of freemasonry, no camouflage at all, the eye in the
pyramid and the Weishaupt/Washington mirror image was the poor magic of the
18th century.

Here is the new European money and the Illuminati don`t even TRY to hide
themselves anymore.

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