Beyond "Libertarian" Thinking (was: RE: Politics, Extropians)

From: Chen Yixiong, Eric (
Date: Tue Jan 01 2002 - 11:05:32 MST

I find it worrisome that some of us might think in terms that would make us absolutely certain that we should recommend
"libertarianism" as the only political system of choice. Some of us on this list had decided to even call us "libertarian

I tend to disagree with such thinking because they will confine us to only one of few viewpoints. Since we pride ourselves on
progress, we should not fall back onto old thinking even ones that appeared relatively recently.

As someone who believes in "forward thinking" and who perceive the historical trend of people proven wrong over and over again
despite how strongly they hold to their political opinions, I propose that we should not only consider what we call "Libertarianism"
but also other alternatives both known and undiscovered.

The recent postings entitled "One Unity, Different Ideologies, all in the same universe" hopes to correct this possible problem.

Other different articles include:
Classification of Economics -
Sociologistics System Design: A Change of Perspective -

I consider myself an extropian, but not a Libertarian. I don't wish to allow such memes to restrict my thinking, neither do I wish
to allow my proposed systems to restrict my thinking too. I hope the rest of you will seriously consider revising your thinking.


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