From: joost (
Date: Tue Jan 01 2002 - 09:43:55 MST

Hello extropians.

I've been absent from this list for a long time, so let me re-introduce myself.

My name is Joost de Lijser, am a 30 years old European of Dutch
nationality, living in
Brussels, Belgium. I dropped out of a higher teachers education in History,
to go work
in the music industry, where i've worked in many sectors, but mainly as a
With varying success, which is why i had many jobs in the music industry on
the side

When i first joined this list some years ago, i was new to the internet and
mailinglists as well
as to Extropy and Libertarianism. I left the list because at that time i
had other priorities in
my life (a new job, which was very mailinglist intense, and my modem wasn't
up to it), but
i have had (and spent) a lot of time to process the huge amounts of
information i received here,
and further develop my opinions on many of the subjects.

I've also come to understand the defensive and sometimes agressive stance
on libertarian
issues of some of the listmembers. Being a European i had very little
knowlegde of
libertarianism when i first joined this list, today i consider myself
Libertarian. Since i left
i've read Friedmans machinery of freedom, and can honestly say it has been
the most
important book in my life. I thoroughly enjoy discussing propertarian
anarchism with
colleagues and friends, most of whom are left-wing anarchists or socialists
(and who
always seem to disagree), but i miss the discussions here.

For an "artist" i'm very down to earth, i value art on its beauty or
message more than
on its context or explanations. In my own music i use some themes that are
related to
transhumanism, but art itself i haven't tried or been able to connect or
explain from
the viewpoint of a transhuman, libertarian or extropian life philosophy. I
was about to
explore this when i left the list, and would like to pick it up, can
someone point me
to some sites on this subject matter ?

At the moment i'm also trying to focus my opinions on intellectual property
and privacy.
It's definitely the more abstract parts of society i am still struggling
with, i do have
opinions about them, but they remain unstructured. If some of you are
in my first attempts to structure them, you can read them at,
any feedback as well as links to other peoples opinions are more than welcome.

This list has influenced and helped me structure my opinions in the past,
and i'm looking
forward to share information and opinions with all of you once again.

happy new year,


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