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From: Kai Becker (
Date: Tue Jan 01 2002 - 04:50:53 MST

Am Sonntag, 30. Dezember 2001 21:04 schrieb J. R. Molloy:
> So, before you envision a society where everyone finds it
> absurd to carry a gun, better envision one where everyone finds it absurd
> to carry religious memes.

This will surely be an important part of the project. Another part will be
learning to think in networks of different cultures. I would also include
quasi-religous memes like "<my nation> is the best in the world" and
meta-religious memes like "<my opinion> has more right to exist than yours".

> > Now, what about the glorious
> > future of <you-name-it> technology, when you can't use it because
> > someone could misuse it to kill you?
> I think you've discovered the necessity of developing extropian brains
> before developing other kinds of extropian technology.

I'm sorry, it seems I didn't make my point clear enough for you. If we
would have to wait until everyone in this solar system has converted to
extropianism before we can proceed, we could forget about the whole thing
right now. The question is how we can all(!) live and prosper the next
decades and centuries, until we have found more of the way. The "others"
are part of the game, too. Not only as strangers we have to keep apart, but
as fellow humans, we also need to learn from. We don't want to move into
another no-alternatives situation, or do you?


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