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".According to the doctrines of universalism, conceptual realism, holism, collectivism, and some representatives of
Gestaltpsychologie, society is an entity living its own life, independent of and separate from the lives of the various individuals,
acting on its own behalf and aiming at its own ends which are different from the ends sought by the individuals. Then, of course, an
antagonism between the aims of society and those of its members can emerge. In order to safeguard the flowering and further
development of society it becomes necessary to master the selfishness of the individuals and to compel them to sacrifice their
egoistic designs to the benefit of society.."
--Ludwig von Mises

   The selection of a number of different humans to form into a collection is an arbitrary parameter imposed by the individual
theoretician. Consider a planet with a single human being, "Party A", on it- there are no groups of humans real or imagined. Add one
other person, "Party B", that is able to communicate, or engage in transactions, with the first; this forms an intermittent dyad-
the fundamental economic unit. A series of imagined contracts and exchanges of material ensues that need not be the result of
self-aware cognition. Each person evolves an internal model of reality different from the other, based on their own experiences and
physical viewpoint. A physically identifiable grouping consists of the two persons on the planet for a duration starting when the
second one shows up and ending when one of them leaves.
  The grouping so identified does not have a plan of its own independent of the plans of the individual human beings. It is not able
to cogitate independently of its putative members. The group does not make war, throw parties, suffer attacks, or have any other
behavior aside from the formation and dissolution process. That process itself is a whimsical imposition of the observer's.
   Add a third person, "Party C", to this system, able to engage in transactions with the first two persons. Party C may entertain
the private notion that he is entitled to take things claimed by Party A and dole some "fair share" of them out to Party B (less the
vig of course), e.g. the Social Security swindle. Parties A and B may or may not hold similar views. Regardless of the unknowable
individual views of any of the persons, there are no external factors at work. This demonstrates the non-existence of the State.
   The procedure can be continued indefinitely, adding more persons to the system and restricting the groupings to arbitrary
spacetime intervals without loss of generality. A similar procedure of decomposition by arbitrary groups in arbitrary intervals
acheives the same result.

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