ists and isms

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Mon Feb 19 2001 - 23:52:55 MST

To infinity and beyond! -Buzz Lightyearism

Theology students have technical names for their ideas
with as precisely defined terms as any in science.
For instance, at a dining table in a theology school, the
following conversation might be heard:

        "Spike is a fine paragon of premillenial postribulationist
        "Yes, but he has been known to espouse the heretical
   notions of exegetical hermeneutic pantheism!"
        "Pardon me, gentlemen, what freaking planet did
   you come from?"

etc. Nowthen, extropians should have similarly defined
ists and isms. We should suggest technical terms for such
extropian ideas as:

Yudkowskism: belief that strong AI will precede

Drexlerism: belief that nanotech preceds AI.

Spikism: belief that we should have a privately funded
Mars colony before either nanotech or AI.

Then of course, as in theology, the terms can be
combined to express fine shades of meaning:

Spikian Eliezerist Drexleric Merkelism : belief that
privately funded nanobots will be guided by strong
AI to revive frozen corpses on Mars.

And so on. You try a few. Lets make a list of
em and work out the details at Extro5. spike

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