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> At 11:16 AM 10/02/01 EST, Greg Burch wrote:
> >> I've been looking at the guaranteed income from a new perspective
> >> reading Chapter 7 of THE SPIKE.
> >I confess it was the part of Damien's book that made me grit my teeth -
> >hey, he's Australian, so you have to cut him some slack :-0

You know, Damien, I was joking . . .

> But this misses the key aspect of Theobald's proposal (and that mad
> socialist Milton Friedman's), which is to *abolish* most of the
> bureaucratic meddling and tinkering by making the income floor a
> *guaranteed `right'*, a secure floor permitting either enterprise or sloth.
> True, most models then propose higher taxes once incomes start to exceed
> that minimum, but this needn't be any more complex or horrid than the way
> things are done now.

All of which is very appealing, I have to admit. I can even squint and
suspend a principled objection to the redistributive nature of the scheme for
the sake of argument. But one issue keeps coming back to subvert this idea
in my mind: So long as people have reproductive freedom, there is no check on
a couple's ability to impose costs on "society at large". There is no
feedback between the decision to have an additional child and cost to the
parents, since those costs are a highly "diluted" externality.
> But where the money going to come from? I'm not going to pay some lazy
> thief to loll around, or suffer my rightful earnings to be extorted from
> me!

Now I think you're poking fun at me . . .

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