Re: silliness: was m-brain related physics

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Fri Feb 16 2001 - 22:49:22 MST

> Amara Graps wrote: I dressed up as a Cassini RTG unit for my Halloween
> costume.
> (

Great costume Amara! What a hoot! {8^D

> Spike, I see you decided to go for the ......
> >Hang a sign around my neck with arrows pointing upwards and the words
> Silly option. :-) Amara

Hey, its what I do best. We have heard a rumor that the Sound of Music
singalong will come to a theatre down in the gay district of San Jose,
we decided to hold off and go then. Much easier to get to than the
I did assume pretty much everyone here has seen SOM. Otherwise the
pine cone gag woulda been lost. Ive also been working on wisecracks
to shout during various points in the movie, such as just before the 16
On 17 number, I could say "Leisl's horny again!"

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