Re: Cryonics on ABC World News Tonight

From: Adrian Tymes (
Date: Thu Feb 15 2001 - 22:55:07 MST

Jeff Davis wrote:
> So, despite the fact that, as I said, I don't think the case would be won,
> I do think there is a strong ethical foundation. And, perhaps I failed to
> emphasize it strongly enough, the main intent (as a practical matter) of
> the civil action would not be to win, but rather to put the issue intthe
> public spotlight under conditions where the scientific and legal theories
> would be elaborated with thoroughness and seriousness. Flip dismissiveness
> and smirky ridicule might be somewhat reduced in a real court with real
> power and billions of real dollars (apparently, potentially) at stake.

No, there wouldn't. In fact, it would be to their advantage to have it
treated as a flip dismissal - and the resulting negative media
attention would most likely further marginalize true cryonics research.
Chris puts it as "ethics"; I cast it in terms of practicality - which,
I admit, tends to be my ethics in practice. The probabilities are that
filing a lawsuit against doctors who do not advise of cryo would do
more harm than good towards the end we wish to promote at this time,
therefore it is not advisable at this time. Apologies, as always, that
this is how things appear.

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