SOC: Re: The Myth of Monogamy

From: Brian D Williams (
Date: Wed Feb 14 2001 - 07:51:10 MST

From: KPJ <>

>>It also appears as if Brian D Williams <> wrote:
>>|Yeah, lately everytime some guy get's caught with his pant's
>>down someone bring's up this lame excuse. Humans have a large
>>brain and are supposed to use it, and no silly biological fact is
>>a good excuse for a lack of character or integrity.

>Then you find your favourite prejudices more relevant than
>biological facts?

Excuse me, What prejudice? Read again, I made no specific

>I lack to detect how your local customs of matrimony (a custom
>built by the local religious death cult's priesthood against
>having fun with your body), have any bearing on either character
>or integrity,

It's not my custom, it's societies. And yes, when anyone takes a
vow I expect them to fulfill it, inability to do so demonstrates a
lack of character, and integrity.

>even when applied to a person who you do not like for political

Assumption on your part, and actually I'm a former admirer of
Jackson, and once voted for him in the primary. So a wrong
assumption at that.

>You seem to apply a Kantian approach to morality, a dangerous

I apply critical reasoning where it is applicable.

I apply mail filters where necessary.


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