Re: Cryonics on ABC World News Tonight

From: Chris Russo (
Date: Tue Feb 13 2001 - 20:30:27 MST

At 21:10 -0800 2/12/01, Jeff Davis wrote:
>Thus my suggestion that a malpractice lawsuit for failure to notify,
>inform, recommend, or apply cryonic suspension as a 'final meliorative
>clinical intervention against irreversible morbidity'.
>Let's see Peter Jennings smirk at that!

Just what Americans need - more reasons to be litigious.

I sincerely hope that Extropians can approach their problems more ethically.


Chris Russo

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hurt anybody.  It is only persistence in self-delusion and ignorance 
which does harm."
              -- Marcus Aurelius, MEDITATIONS, VI, 21

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