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Date: Mon Feb 12 2001 - 13:22:55 MST

>Date: Sun, 11 Feb 2001 20:59:30 -0800
>From: Spike Jones <spike66@attglobal.net>
>Subject: Re: true abundance?
>Samantha Atkins wrote:
> > And if we bring them to these technologically more advanced levels
> > quickly then we are guilty of "cultural imperialism" and have murdered
> > their culture and folkways...
>One cannot murder the willing. The term would be facilitating their
>cultural suicide. If people are given technology and choose to trash their
>culture and folkways, trading them for *our* culture and folkways, then
>I have nooooo problem with this brand of cultural imperialism. If we
>build it, they will come.
The only thing that annoys me about the whole "folkways" thing, is those
who then go on to complain about losing it. Kind of like the bemoaning of
MacDonalds, yet having your breakfast there. Countries are responsible for
the preservation of their own culture. They can decide to reject outside
cultural influence. Funny thing is, they're not half so annoyed when their
own culture "goes abroad".

Whatever anyone might say about the British killing the Gaelic language, it
stayed dead because we really couldn't have been bothered to resurrect it.



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