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From: J Corbally (icorb@indigo.ie)
Date: Sun Feb 11 2001 - 10:41:21 MST

>Date: Sat, 10 Feb 2001 09:01:22 -0800
>From: hal@finney.org
>Subject: Re: Cryonics on ABC World News Tonight
>I think he said, "I know it's serious; I was going to, but my producer
>is telling me in my ear that I should not." Then he went on to say that
>it would be possible to chat with Robert Ettinger on-line when the show
>was over. It was confusing, but I think he had been going to make a
>joke about cryonics and was being advised not to by the producer.
>IMO it just goes to show how disreputable cryonics is, that after
>following his script and dutifully giving the segment a respectful
>lead-in, Jennings felt compelled to distance himself from the story by
>his chuckle and almost-joke. Imagine if Jennings had reacted similarly
>to a story on possible cures for cystic fibrosis or ALS. It's impossible.
>We see from this how far cryonics remains from the mainstream.

I think it goes to show how it's VIEWED as "disreputable", but mainly shows
how what seems to have been a fairly level-headed report can be downgraded
by the attempted smart comments of one ignorant reporter. I'm gratified to
see that he got "slapped down" for it in some measure.

It's funny, but the things people have a good laugh at tend to be the same
things they recoil in horror from 10 or so years later when it's come to

Maybe someday we'll learn to overcome this "programmed" behaviour.



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