Re: Cryonics on ABC World News Tonight

Date: Sun Feb 11 2001 - 04:57:41 MST wrote:
> I'm not so sure the strangeness of cryonicists is the problem, simply
> because I'll bet most people have never met one, and their exposure to
> them on TV has been limited. The numbers of cryonics supporters are so

I think I have to disagree here. But notice that I didn't blame cryonicists
100% for the resulting debacle.

The topic of death is repulsive, the topic of paying money to people who
will freeze your heads is even more so. Then, lookit, the creeeeeeeeps.
Then, all "scientists" perpetuating the "hamburger->cow" thing. And of
course, Britney Spears is not signed up (though many erroneusly think
Disney was).

> small that their personalities probably haven't had much impact.

I think we have a problem, and the more so since there's no substantial
influx of fresh people into the movement. Kinda makes me think of the
aged semicrazed rocket scientists in the "Wings of Honneamise" anime.

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