Re: true abundance?

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Sat Feb 10 2001 - 13:06:46 MST

> spike wrote:
> > Actually, when you think it over, we could remake prison colonies
> > this way, for those who are serving life terms. Delete the death
> > penalty, create a prison colony where men and women can live
> > together ...That colony would be worse than the Silicon Valley. wrote:

> As others have pointed out, the inherent gender-inequality of criminal
> behavior defeats this idea. At least in "natural" humans, there will always
> be far more young male offenders than female ones, no matter how you define
> crime. That said, I personally think reform of contemporary criminal law and
> penal systems ought to be a top priority of anyone with even a shred of
> empathy for the suffering of others. In the US at least, the criminal law
> and penal systems are horribly broken and counterproductive.

Roger all that, Greg, which is why I bowed out of this discussion early
on, for I realized that I am *seriously* underqualified to comment on
this topic. I know no person currently in prison, in fact I have no
acquaintances that have ever been imprisoned or even convicted of
a crime, as far as I know. I recognize that our system is broken, but
havent the foggiest clue what to do about it. My intuition leads to
shorter sentences coupled with greater surveillance, increasing the
probability of catching perps. Of course this approach has its drawbacks
too. spike

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