Re: On January 28th, Criminals No Longer Another Face in the TampaStadium Crowd

From: Chris Russo (
Date: Sat Feb 03 2001 - 05:57:43 MST

John Marlow wrote:
> But, see, this is the problem--what's okay for them ain't okay for
> you and me. Case in point: Cops in many jurisdictions are now wearing
> mics on traffic stops. Some are wearing cameras, in addition to the
> dash-mounted cams. Guy in MA, I believe it was, audio-recorded the
> cops stopping him and brought it up in court to support his
> contention that he was harassed. Result? He was convicted of
> illegally recording the cops. Last I heard, the officers were also
> considering civil suits.

Normally, telling someone that you're recording the conversation is
sufficient to be able to do so, right? If you tell the cop you're
recording him, though, he might get abusive and take your tape.
Solution? Keep two tape recorders handy - one in sight, and one
hidden. If he forces you to give him the tape from the first, you've
*really* have him busted on the second.

Oh, just a thought.


Chris Russo

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hurt anybody.  It is only persistence in self-delusion and ignorance 
which does harm."
              -- Marcus Aurelius, MEDITATIONS, VI, 21

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