Re: ECON: Lack of skilled people in the USA

From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Wed Jan 31 2001 - 01:53:29 MST

Randy Smith wrote:

> Your implicit agreementr with the gist of this article seems at odds with
> your Libertarian stance. Why should a Lib care if others in the country
> (Libs don't like countries anyway, etc etc) he happens to live in are (most
> certainly arguably IMO) less skilled than they should?

This is a pretty bizarre attitude toward libertarians and libertarian
thought. It is not in a libertarians interest to live among a group of
simpletons that cannot generate that much value to trade nor appreciate
value, nor be counted on to understand enough of the world to be
reasonable neighbors. This does not mean that a libertarian believes
taking away resources by force from some to redistribute via government
to others will resolve the problem. But poverty of human intellect and
acheivement is not in a libertarian's interest in the least. Our
ability to reach Singularity and to transcend limitations is highly
dependent on a critical mass of skilled and knowledgeable people. That
mass being sub-critical can screw up everything and literally condemn
humanity to extinction.

- samantha

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