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Date: Wed Jan 31 2001 - 01:50:23 MST

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>Subject: Re: And you thought political correctness was out?
>I heard this, possibly apocryphal story, that when Joseph Stalin died, the
>French socialist party opened a book of condolence which they asked members
>sign. I guess the political tradition that included the September massacres
>admiration for the man who gave the world the Gulag. Truly, the French
>intellectual is low on the food chain.
>Another Frenchman deserving of ridicule and contempt is the
>"farmer" Jose Bove, convicted for trashing a McDonald's restaurant in
>France --
>clearly no believer in consumer choice -- and who frequently makes
>points. I use inverted commas because this self-styled Asterix is no real
>farmer, since, judging by my family experience, farmers are too busy to
>very much.
[Personal aside snipped]

In answer to:
>Even further confirms my opinion that most French "intellectuals"
>are conformist windbags. Interesting excerpt:
>"M Bruno's views, published in the newspaper Libération,
>has sparked an angry backlash from Potter fans in France,
>where the four novels have sold more than a million copies."
>Reminds me of my time in France. I thought I'd spend time
>taking in some of the "local cinema" long touted by Parisian
>intellectuals. *Yawn*. No wonder most French - to the horror
>of the chattering classes - prefer American movies (emphasis
>on the "to move" root of the word "movie").
> >From: Michael Lorrey <mike@datamann.com>
> >
> >In the following article, a French commie yaps on about how Harry Potter
> >is a bourgoisie sexist pig, once you deconstruct him, and his school is
> >a symbol of class struggle... ah, what entertainment...
> >
> >"
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