Re: Extropian prayer draft!?

From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Tue Jan 30 2001 - 23:55:33 MST

I like the attempt a lot.

I am less sure it is appropriate to pray to SIs and transhumans. If
Tipler and company are right then it is possible that a future
super-intelligence combinging many sentiences over the aeons and
operating below (even) the quark level (even) will transcend space/time
entirely and be able to reach any part of it. If such a being ever can
be it will be and thus is. Some people might find this to be a god
produced from technology who in turn is part of the basis of this very
reality that produced that technology. Twisted, but possible. Would
such a being care about prayers? Probably only to the extent they
helped the beings that would eventually build/had built it ground
themselves and proceed in the wonder of what they are doing.

Just another wild spin-off.

- samantha

> And here is a draft of a my extropian version:
> ======================================================
> Our Children who are in the future
> cherished by thy names.
> Our kingdom come, our true will be done,
> both in the future and as it was in the past.
> Resurrect us some day,
> and help us make a complete restitution for all of our debtors
> so we, too, can help others make a restitution for all their debts.
> We are doing the best we can, with what was given to us,
> to give you all we can,
> so please help us with this effort and deliver us all some day
> from all that is unwanted.
> For as long as there are some that will never given up,
> ours might some day be the kingdom and the power and the glory,
> forever and ever and ever and ever.
> Amen
> ======================================================
> I'd love any feedback on how this could be improved!

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