Re: No Federal Parole.

From: Michael Lorrey (
Date: Mon Jan 29 2001 - 14:15:35 MST

Brian D Williams wrote:
> >There ain't none. Read it and weep. "The Sentencing Reform Act of
> >1984 abolished parole eligibility for federal offenders - except
> >military offenders -- who commit offenses on or after November 1,
> >1987." Quote taken from .
> >No parole for any federal offenders for 16 years now and counting.
> >Ergo every federal prisoner, or near enough, would wind up there.
> >It's easy to forget just how Procrustean the System already is...
> >or is that Draconian?
> What's wrong with people who commit crimes serving their full
> sentence?

Especially with non-violent offenders. 'Good behavior' is only really
supposed to apply to violent offenders, because how are you supposed to
tell if a non-violent prisoner is on 'good behavior' if he has not
committed any violent acts in prison? There has been no observable
change in behavior, so there is no basis to give time off of a
non-violent sentence. Optimally, a violent offender would get time off
for good behavior such that their sentence with good behavior would
resemble the sentence for a similar non-violent act. For example,
mugging someone may get you five years, with three years off for good
behavior. Simple pickpocketing should therefore get you two years, and
there is no way to get 'time off for good behavior' on a pickpocketing
offense in prison.

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