Re: selling an idea

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Sun Jan 28 2001 - 16:26:12 MST

> spike wrote: >Trivializing death is a bad thing, but it leads to
> effective commercials, which
> > earn money, which is a good thing.

> Samantha Atkins wrote: Yeah, selling more meaningless widgets or even
> ones actually
> detrimental is a good thing no matter what it takes. Yep. Even if we
> have to kill
> people as long as it sells stuff.

Awwww lighten up Samantha. I was poking fun at
my own anarcho-capitalistic attitudes. {8^D spike

> It doesn't make me want to buy anything except a Tivo
> or Replay system so I don't have to sit through such boring inanities.

...which sells more Tivos and Replays, which earns money, which
is a good thing.

Actually I see the Grim Reaper spot as quite benign, and perhaps
even with a positive message: couch potatoes get heart disease.
I would far rather have that kinda ad than some preachy green
admonishing me to save energy to help the environment. {8-] spike

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