Re: Phony deregulation - Fwd: James Bennett's UPI Column for01-26-01

Date: Sun Jan 28 2001 - 00:07:42 MST

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>What we did see is outside suppliers ready to sell power to
>California as soon as they came up with the money. What we did see
>is outside suppliers go ahead and supply the power after President
>Bush ordered them to do so. Now California is trying to figure out
>how to pay for the power now that the utilities are out of money.

True. But it pushes up prices outside of California. One Arizona utility has
said it will almost quadruple its rates, to deal with the crunch this has
created. This is also the easy season, as the overwhelming majority
of Westerner live in places with very mild winters. The required prices
still far, far exceed the price of electricity in California.

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