Re: Colossus and the singularity

From: John M Grigg (
Date: Fri Jan 26 2001 - 21:58:59 MST


Your post about the Forbin Project film was excellent. It must have taken some effort and time. It made me want to see the film again! The last time I saw it I was about eight years-old and I remember feeling bored. The AI did not walk on stilt legs and shoot death rays at everyone as it marched on Washington D.C. to declare terms of surrender! lol The classic George Pal film, War of the Worlds, was more my speed back then.

Next, you can do commentary on Demon Seed! Which could also be known as "Bride of the Forbin Project!" And the upcoming film AI could be then considered "Son of the Forbin Project!"

And if Eliezer is successful with his research program there could be a film called, "A boy and his AI!" And we thought Eddie Furlong's character in Terminator 2 had fun...

I once read a roleplaying game adventure module about a well-meaning singularity bringing AI which meant well but got the world into SO much trouble. I am going to have to track it down for everyone's viewing pleasure. The storyline was a real hoot.

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