Re: Mars Society

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Fri Jan 26 2001 - 12:31:11 MST wrote:

> This post originally passed on a question about the Mars Society. ...
> Since then, I've become fairly disillusioned
> with the MS. The quality of discussion on the culture and governance list
> was very low, IMO: Very few posters seemed to be able to think beyond the
> level of contemporary political sloganeering and there seemed to be almost no
> recognition of the impact of accelerating technological change on the
> material circumstances of extraterrestrial activity and the political and
> cultural realities in which that activity will take place.

Greg I too gave up on the Mars Society for similar reasons. They
seemed to be far too interested in flags and footprints missions.
To be fair to them: I lurked and said little, so I blame myself. From
reading the level of discussion there, I didnt think they were ready
to think about nanotech, or even the notions I posted here about
sending a single young woman with a bunch of frozen embryos on
a one way trip. spike

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