Re: My Ultimate PDA

From: Michael Lorrey (
Date: Fri Jan 26 2001 - 09:18:21 MST

KPJ wrote:
> It appears as if Michael Lorrey <> wrote:
> |
> |My 'Ultimate PDA' idea is now the 5th most commented-on 'Lazy
> |Entrepreneur' idea on, with the top 4 ideas all being ideas
> |Scott Adams himself came up with. Think this would look good on my
> |resume???? ;-)
> The "Ultimate PDA" as described on Lazy Entrepeneur already exists.
> Search for "wearable computer" at your favourite search engine site.

I'm fully aware of the 'wearable computer'. I'm also fully aware that
there are a grand total of ZERO such devices for sale on the retail
consumer market. My posting the idea there was to get people inured to
the idea of such progress and to be entertained by the skepticism of the
'induhviduals' out there who still can't conceive of such progress. If
someone doesn't mind, could you post comments mocking the skepticism of
some of the posters?

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