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Date: Thu Jan 25 2001 - 17:56:00 MST

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> In a spirit of non-confrontational rationalism, I'd like to see if we
> can compose a list of ideas that we *ALL* agree on.
> If you disagree with any of these memes, could you wave a hand and
> explain why?
> 1. Forcing our fellow human beings to live their lives as we see fit
> is unethical. (Persuading them of the error of their ways so that
> they _choose_ to live their lives by our lights is another matter.)
> 2. Initiating violence against someone is wrong; self-defense is right.
> 3. The scientific method provides a better way of evaluating reality
> than any religious dogma.
> 4. Progress (increases in human intelligence, longevity, wealth, and
> happiness) is possible.
> 5. Central control is usually less efficient than distributed control.
> 6. Empowering people to learn, work, and transcend their limits is a good
> thing.

100% agreement from me.

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